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Sussan Kittikhoun

A short documentary exploring another side of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic; the fight against racism and misinformation. The impact of COVD-19, also known as coronavirus, has shown to have brought out the best and worst in our society. It is important to note the obvious health impact the virus has had on higher risk individuals, but it is just as important to see the underlying social impact on a whole community where people are being verbally and physically assaulted by individuals who have attached a dangerous stereotype to the coronavirus; that Chinese people and Asians were the ones to blame. 

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My name is Sussan and I’m undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a major in Screen Studies. For this year's Arts Festival, I am exhibiting a short documentary film, “The Chinese Virus”, whichthat I wrote, directed, and edited myself whilst in lockdown. The purpose of my documentary is to highlight the stories of anti-Asian discrimination and misinformation since the coronavirus outbreak which has affected Asian people around the world. With the ongoing pandemic, people in the arts are forced to challenge themselves creatively more than ever. Thus, after the festival, I hope to continue to find more career opportunities to expand my technical skills in video production, while making stories that will entertain and educate people.