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Herman Giebartowski, also known as “Primitive Alchemy”, “the Monkeymind”, and “Alienation Theory”, is a 3rd year Creative Arts student at La Trobe University Bundoora campus who has been producing electro music since the mid-1990’s. 

He uses the Ableton software as well as Virtual DJ to synthesize and remix music of the Trance and Electronica genres. He won the Triple J sound production “Loud” competition in 1997 and achieved runner’s up status at the Melbourne Metro’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” contest in the same year. 


Heavily influenced by the UK outfit “the Prodigy”, as well as Zen Buddhist and Vaishnava Hindu mantras, his music attempts to redefine the boundaries of Electronica music and traditional mantra sounds. 

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My passion within the arts is music and its production. I enjoy listening to all kinds of music and produce my own tracks. I also remix other people’s works, particularly those of the Trance genre. I hope that others will enjoy my work, as much as I have enjoyed producing it. During the Covid-19

lock-down, I have been self-isolating and playing video games.