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Olivia Versace

A Day in the Life is a screenplay delving into the life of young teen, Scarlette, who struggles with an eating disorder. The audience will follow through a simple day in her life, exploring the perspective of someone with this mental illness and how the standard, mundane routine of life can be extremely challenging for those suffering from an eating disorder.

WARNING Contains reference to depression and eating disorders


Victorian based writer, Olivia Versace. Initially interested in creative writing for short stories and fiction novels, however Olivia has adapted and taken a liking to screenwriting. Despite her long history and interest in writing, Olivia has always been intrigued by the world of film. By combining these two passions, she has the perfect combination of drive and enthusiasm towards this cross-art sector.

Inspired by the human condition, Olivia touches base on issues like mental illness, delving into the world of mental health to raise awareness for such a significant affair, especially in this fast-paced day and age. Olivia’s love of writing and film has allowed her to introduce these ideas from the world of creative writing and fiction, into screenwriting. Due to merging all of her most favoured artforms such as film, photography and writing, Olivia has been successful in her storytelling through screenwriting, resulting in exceptional scripts.