Natalie Williams


Momentary is text-based video play that explores the evolving relationships of a close-knit family dealing with the loss of a loved one whilst he’s still alive. Through the characters of Dorothy, Arthur, Liv and Teddy, we see the ways strong family relationships can be turned upside down when faced with a memory altering illness like dementia.

Natalie Williams-Creative Writing- Piece

Natalie Williams is a third-year creative arts writing major with a deep passion for film and visual storytelling. Alongside her studies, she is also a Founder and Editor at KOS Magazine, an online media platform sharing stories of good in a world so often filled by bad.


Through all her work, Natalie has a keen focus on heartfelt storytelling that showcases the intricacies of what it means to be human.


Through her text-based video play Momentary, she hopes that viewers will find this humanity in her characters and their individual experiences of losing a loved one, both whilst he is living and after he is dearly departed.


She hopes that if nothing else comes out of this pandemic, we begin a more empathetic dialogue with one another about how we can all do our bit to make the world a better place to live in.



Twitter: @NatsYoutube

Instagram: @natalie17031