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Three two one  
Madeleine Nolan

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This short film follows Grace a young independent musician taking her first steps into the music industry. Navigating through a rise on social media, the difficulties in a competitive industry and the obstacles of promoting her music. The film gives an insight into Grace’s persona and way of thinking about life as a muso. Videos of her recording in the studio is a way into this. The film introduces how she got into music through instrument playing and song writing. 


Hi, my name is Maddie. I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Screen. During my time at LaTrobe, I've been the producer and have worked as part of the crew on a short film called ‘Beloved’. I predominantly work in the areas of photography and film. For this festival I'm including a short film that I directed, produced and edited, about a young local independent musician. The pandemic has meant that I have been able to focus more on developing skills in areas that I haven’t had experience in before, such as editing and producing. After the festival I plan to graduate, and hopefully go into working in the area of Production or Video and+ Still -. Hopefully also working with musicians to createing content.