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Leif Street

An Audio/Visual music video telling the tragic story of the Pokémon Giratina who lives in exile. The instrumental was inspired by the themes of the Pokémon’s storyline as well as the real world religious history and mythology the Pokémon is based off. The music was recorded and mixed in REAPER whilst the video was created in Blender, After Effects and Premiere.

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Hello, I’m Leif, a third year Creative Arts student majoring in Screen and Theatre. For this year's Arts Festival I will be screening an instrumental music video/song that I recorded, mixed, and mastered whilst in lockdown. The song is titled VOID and tells attempts to tell the tragic story of the PokemonPokémon, Giratina, through soundsong. Over the pandemic I have been learning music recording as a means of passing the time., aAt the beginning it was extremely frustrating as it was all new to me and nothing ever went right. Eventually over time I was able to develop my mixing skills to a point to where I was proud of my musical work. After graduating this year, I will be entering a Master of Teaching, hoping to become a Media and Drama teacher when I graduate., I will continue to record and mix music in the meantime and hopefully do some live performances sooner rather than later.