Joshua Taylor

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HAUNTED CAVE / GLUE IS GOOD presents a selection of improvisational collage works I have been making for the last year, using images and materials both found and self-made to produce work which I use to play with and challenge my own habits, discomforts and biases that effect how I both look at and make artwork.  

Occupying a disused shop front, solid canvas works are paired with scraps and experiments in a salon style arrangement that will change and expand as the work continues, as I will be in the exhibition space making more work throughout opening times. The space will turn into a makeshift open studio for two weeks, culminating in a body of work that will itself keep growing and evolving after the fact. 

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I’m Josh Taylor, he/him or they/them. I’m a third-year creative arts student in Mildura. For the festival I’m exhibiting a series of collages, drawings and other mixed media experiments. I make big, improvised messes using lowbrow materials to create work that plays with ideas around class, taste, identity and accessibility in the art world. The pandemic has had me doing most of my work at home, but that’s given me more of an opportunity to work on making what I want to make without the pressure of eyes over my shoulder. I’ve been watching more cartoons. 


Instagram: @viciousidiot