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Jeoung Uk Na

A short film that captures different moments and natural scenes of Melbourne reminds us of the beauty of ourselves and the nature that surrounds us. The film consists of instrumental music with the theme being the butterfly. The abstract footage and music intend to bring a reminder to observe the beauty that we forget to notice in our daily lives. 


My name is Jeoung Uk Na and I am a Bachelor of Creative Arts student majoring in Screen. 

Living in the countryside since I was young, I have always found nature to be fascinating. There is always something to learn about when encountering the wilderness. My project ‘Butterfly’ is a short film which captures the different moments and natural scene of Melbourne together with the music I have produced during the lockdown. The intention of this project was originally to demonstrate the mental suffering of people who are struggling due to the current situation.  I want to send a message that there is beauty to what naturally surrounds us. Although it was extremely difficult for me during the lockdown days, through this project, I want to show that we can heal and grow even when there are many problems that come after us.