Gilding sandcastles on the tideline

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Gilding sandcastles, contemplates our modern capitalist society in the face of the current COVID and looming environmental crises. It began as a response to my work Closing Ranks from last semester which interrogated the rigid, linear nature and processes of our social-political systems. Gilding sandcastles, observes the same linear trajectory of capitalist ideology which rely on a production and accumulation model. However, for all linear paths there is a beginning and an end, an entropic state which cannot be avoided. This inbuilt obsolescence while feeding the consumerist end goal is also an inherent outcome from within its own system. Gilding Sandcastles, explores the nature of change, of collapse, of ruins and of regeneration. 

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Jacqueline, Third year Visual Arts Major. I am a multi-disciplinary artist based on Djaara Country in Central Victoria. My Visual Arts practice sits at the interstices of photography, printmaking, and sculpture, while drawing upon on long studies in dance to create work which is spatial and deeply engaged with materiality. Conceptually my interests lie within institutional critique with a strong focus on egalitarianism, politics, and misogyny. My work for festival is an installation piece using clay sculptured elements and video. My work has certainly become more sombre, and working from home has pushed me away from my aspirations to develop a more spatial practice back into predominately two-dimensional formats or making work that will only be engaged with via documentation.  Next year I aim to complete my Honours in Visual Arts.