Displaced: Lost in Migration
Helena Read

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Helena’s work explores the embodied sense of post-colonial, neo-liberal trauma through the notions of limits and boundaries, freedoms, and constraints. 


Drawing on inspiration from Joan Jonas, Joseph Beuys and The Situationists International she practices art as a process of living through which we may reconsider dominant narratives. 


A physical drawing restraint formed the starting place for each piece. This in turn has been transformed and embodied or fragmented and reassembled. These processes of deconstruction and layering have become a methodology through which to surface non-verbal sensations. 

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Helena Read. I am a migrant British artist who has been living and working on Djaara country in Central Victoria since 1999. To date my multi-disciplinary practice includes performance art, installation, printmaking, painting and sculpture. My work is driven by an urge to explore and come to terms with the lesser spoken narratives of our times. These complex, often problematic topics have been finding voice through her BA Creative Arts Visual and Sociology minor at La Trobe University. I have every intention to pursue academic studies into and beyond 2022. 


The works on show for my third-year graduation draw inspiration from the lineages of Joan Jonas, Joseph Beuys, Dada and The Situationists International. They consider themes of limits and boundaries, freedoms and constraints, within the contemporary context of migration and the post-colonial experience. 


Alongside my studies I work as a remedial therapist where I specialize in chronic pain and trauma recovery. www.helenaread.com/gallery 


Instagram: @helenajread