Discography: An Ode to Music 

George DEE 

Discography explores what it’s like to own a physical record store in the digital age, as we go on a journey of struggles and highlights with Joseph Trantino, formerly Melbournian DJ-turned-record-store-owner. This documentary takes place during Record Store Day, but will the local community pull through to make this year a success?


George’s artistic passion is screen production, specifically the editing aspect of filmmaking. For many, this is the most tedious part of creating a motion picture. But for George, putting together a narrative piece by piece and watching it all come together as it’s seasoned with sound and colour, and special effects, is the most exciting part.  

George hopes that his audience will learn something as he delves into the world of documentary filmmaking, or at the very least, learn to care about something they didn’t before.


During lockdown George has learned that you don’t need to leave the house to create original content, experiencing some minor success on TikTok as he dipped his toes into the exciting realm of animation.  


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