2020 has been an incredible year, one that will not be forgotten quickly.


This Festival is symbolic of the changes that have affected every aspects of our lives. Usually delivered across the University's multiple campuses as live events, this year the Festival has had to migrate completely online. All the projects have had to be reimagined and considered for the digital space. In years to come the creative art sector will continue to work this way not out of necessity but because of the innovation and risks taken by all artists which have found new ways to engage with audiences. In that sense our students are part of a generation of pioneers who we will thank immensely now and into the future.

As well as making creative work for the virtual space our students have had their education delivered completed online this year. This obviously has had its challenges. This project was conceived as a way of documenting the period in which the Festival was developed. Over eleven weeks students have responded to a number of themes that form a time-capsule of the many moods and emotions they have navigated, the creative process and the little things that bring them joy.