Sarah Beattie

For this project I have created a collection of sculptures that reflect the of the work of Donald Judd’s well-constructed minimalist sculptures but corrupting the ideals of traditional minimalist works.  Through my work I am exploring the link between the masculinity of minimalism and the feminist perspective of art. Through using Judd’s work as a point of critique it has allowed me to ‘corrupt’ the seemingly pure works that belong to the male dominated art movement. My process of corrupting the minimalist forms is made up of three parts; hand making the sculptures with haphazard materials, projecting the female figure onto the forms and using the physical space and light to manually manipulate the outcome of the overall image.  

sarah beattie.JPG

Sarah is a third-year visual arts student with an interest in exploring the human condition, with a key focus on trauma, which she explores through glitched imagery and abstract minimalist sculpture. With a focus on politically charged concepts for her artworks, Sarah engages with the feminist critique of art. She uses reclaimed materials to create her sculptures, with a main interest in metal works and welding, but due to current restrictions and a lack of a workshop, she has been faced with creating forms with delicate and haphazard materials, which has resulted in a new and fascinating direction for her practice.