Emily Donehue

Interested in the multi dimensions of space that are present in the domestic domain, my painting practice uses spatial order within the painting field to investigate themes of touch, intimacy and presence. Alongside a conceptual commitment to explore the links between painting and feminist literature, my art practice investigates the embodied spaces of motherhood. This body of work actively prioritises the perspective of the mother as both maker and carer, drawing critical attention to the voices and perspectives of those who have been largely underrepresented in canonical accounts of art history. 


Emily Donehue is interested in painting, art history, feminist writings, contemporary and historical female artists, the juncture between figurative and abstraction, modes of seeing and the power of the image maker in reinforcing or eroding patriarchal paradigms. Her passion rests in painting and all that it encompasses including colour, composition and dimensions of space. The continued exploration of the lived experience of space and the space created in painted form brings her much joy. During lockdown, Emily has learnt that paintings work as objects in relation to the human body and are best experienced in the person.  


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