Ashleigh Lowry

These oil on canvas paintings are of my sister embodying various goddesses from different time periods and places. I have made the costumes and headdresses myself, as well as doing my sister's makeup and hair to take reference photos to paint from. The idea behind this work is to empower my sister and to show her how I view her, as a goddess, a woman with power and agency and strength. These paintings will be physical gifts to her as a physical reminder that I believe in her and a reminder of her importance and value. 


Ashleigh Lowry is a third year Visual Arts student studying at La Trobe Bendigo. Her passion within visual arts is mythology and oil painting. Her goal with her work is to empower her sister by depicting her as various goddesses through oil paintings. During lockdown, Ash has been able to fully immerse herself in her artistic process in her make-shift studio in her home.