Pali Emond-Glenn

Pali Emond.jpg

Pali Emond is an Australian digital artist focusing on storytelling, be that via literature or visual art, and the importance it has had both in the past as a means of passing on information and in the present as a means of expression, and where those two ideas intersect. He is fascinated by deconstructing stories and images, and the practice of communicating knowledge, culture and morality using visual expression and fictional peoples and places, which are often personifications of abstract ideas, and the ways in which these stories are interpreted by different people, from movie fans arguing about the ending of a film, to stories intended as a guide to morality and well being conceiving religions or movements. This extends to a passion for games and their creation as a contemporary means of this practice, and the often overlooked art of interactive and often times collaborative storytelling that can be explored via both digital video games and tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons.