Kelsey McDonald

This collection of quilted paintings sits alongside two surreal landscapes of my two “homes” during lockdown: my family home and my uni residence in Bendigo. Because of COVID restrictions I haven’t been able to go home and so feel caught between the two mountains of the two places. The quilted paintings are maps designed from the walks I take in the bush reserve. The combination of these two elements are a psychological trek between what is remembered, experienced, and imagined. 

Kelsey Macdonald.JPG

Kelsey is a visual artist with an interest in myths and fairy tales as a way of describing alternative experiences. She is fascinated with traditional craft forms, such as quilting and embroidery, because of their connection to time. She is interested in using the skills passed down through generations in contemporary art. Kelsey’s work focuses on colour and mood in order to create an immersive and tactile experience of ghostly histories and unreality.