Jamie-Lee Martin

This artwork is titled Emotions in Colours, it is an acrylic on canvas piece. In total there are six canvases that make up the artwork. For this artwork, I have chosen canvases of the same size 40cm x51cm (16in x 21in), as I feel that no one emotion out ways another. This artwork has special significance at this time due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  Emotions are very important and each emotion that I have chosen to work with are every day emotions and sometimes they overlap hence the canvas connecting all colours together by circles and I feel this artwork will encourage people to understand that there are many ways to express their emotions. 

Jamie Lee Martin.jpg

Jamie-Lee Martin is a third-year creative arts student. She has always been passionate about visual arts. The major hope that she has for herartwork is that people understand that emotions are important. The lockdowns during Covid19 have been hard. Nevertheless, Jamei-Lee has been trying to keep busy, focussing on Uni work but also finding time to relax and getting outside and walking a lot.