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These three poems respond to themes and images in Laura U. Marks article, ‘Thinking Multisensory Culture’, in which she argues for proximal sense experience, particularly smelling, as a source of “knowledge, beauty and even ethics”. This piece was written as part of the ‘What is Creativity’ subject. 


All our perfumes smell like animals in heat. 

We’re not so different from pigs, 

we both smell danger. 

What does the pig know that we fear to say? 

We cannot say, 

the pig is unsayable, the wild uncoded dimension. 


When everyone brings a dish to the table 

they all have a separate parade of unknowable piglets  

that lend weight to the recipe. 


There is no monolithic pig 

to be used as a billboard. 


Many of our pigs are pleasant, 

but it’s at the expense of the hyper-exploited 

tormented by demon boars. 


The right to peculiar pig parades must be preserved! 


Fourier’s Vision (nightmare)

Designer coffee, twenty dollars for two hundred and fifty grams. 


(two dollars a day, child labour, noxious pesticides, the smell of shit) 


Aromatherapeutic dish soap, four dollars for three hundred and fifty millilitres 


(poison air sold to Korean families) 


Introduction to wine appreciation, two hundred dollars for three weeks 


(co-ops were crushed by Pinochet, farmers now live in poverty) 



The right to peculiar pig parades must be preserved! 

Resist the myth of the monolithic porcine billboard, 

Let unknowable droves run free 

Unknowable Piglets


a… potentialness… 

A great could… 

Like… I’m falling in love in the closest parallel universe? 

Like… “I dreamt this once,” 




Tears from a deep place,  Sadness that cuts to bone,   Joy surrounded by warm light, 



Of missed appointments with love.   

Of childhood moments of contentment. 


My name is Jamali Bowden (he/him) I am a third-year creative writing student at Latrobe. My practice is largely based in poetry but over the course of my degree I have written in a variety of forms including short story and creative non-fiction. My practice often explores the musicality of words and their structures. I have a fascination with widely held feelings of isolation, climate change and their origins and how they may be alleviated. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic my practice has become much more focused on curation of my existing works and a more rigorous process of editing. Following this festival, I am looking to gain more experience as an editor.  


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