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This collection follows some of the threads of the author’s thoughts throughout the lockdowns from 2020 to now. 


Dispose of difference, 

unless collecting tokens 

for the Empire’s coffers. 

The whitewashed coffins. 


Don’t acknowledge, 

impose self as standard, 

construct self on market-demand. 

Exceptions buried in sand. 


If my idea of health is to make you like myself  

I’m no better than  

the conquistador 

the naval officer 

the planter  

of the flag in the name of King and God. 

Lessons Leant in Lockdown 2

The joy of honest disagreement with someone you love 


The value of honest sympathy over performative empathy 


The superiority (or at least equal value) of smooth peanut butter 


Depression food 


The vastness of possible human relationships 


The vastness of possible uses of a microwave 


Manic baking 


The distinct cruelty of healthcare bureaucracy  


How to screen print 


The narcissistic ableism of wellness culture 


The need for rest 


The need to remind others of the need for rest 


The human capacity to consume oreos is more than one might think 


How to get the best possible vegan pizza to dollar ratio when ordering Domino’s online 


The toxicity of white femininity  


Tremors is an amazing movie 


How I might honestly be myself

Poetry in the Academy

made priceless and useless 

by towers of glass 


who teaches words writes words have value 

language tools of power, warfare through symbol 


unreachable for most people 

unreadable excuse to indulge 


words you hold in your heart hang in no hall of honour 

only our heroes have inherent what all others must earn 


Forever stealing credit 

Blood and those who bled it 

Leave the planet shredded 


Ground for us is readied 

Every trend has bled us 

Written words not read us 

Currency, they spend us 


They infiltrate our chorus 

Stealing culture from the poorest 

While the savage boars gore us 

This “appreciation” is discordant 


Cannibalise the children 

Havoc on earth and women 

All just taking, never giving 

This is not good living! 



A Lockdown Typolology

The surprise lockdown 

The lonely lockdown 

The despair lockdown 

The move in lockdown 

The puzzle lockdown 

The film buff lockdown 

The foodie lockdown 

The mutual aid lockdown 

The crafty lockdown 

The calypso lockdown 

The pirate lockdown 

The cowboy lockdown 

The reading lockdown 

The horny lockdown 

The passive-aggressive lockdown 

The self-discovery lockdown 

The Queer lockdown 

The honest lockdown 

The Black Power lockdown 

The anime lockdown 

The move out lockdown 


What else is there left to do in lockdown? 


My name is Jamali Bowden (he/him) I am a third-year creative writing student at Latrobe. My practice is largely based in poetry but over the course of my degree I have written in a variety of forms including short story and creative non-fiction. My practice often explores the musicality of words and their structures. I have a fascination with widely held feelings of isolation, climate change and their origins and how they may be alleviated. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic my practice has become much more focused on curation of my existing works and a more rigorous process of editing. Following this festival, I am looking to gain more experience as an editor.  


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