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This collection of five poems explores feelings of anger, fear and hopelessness due to the current state of the world and raises some questions about what is to be done. 


Hot, Dry 

Hot, Dry 


Hotter, Drier 

Hotter, Drier 

Heat (no rain) 

Hotter, Drier 

Heat (no rain) 

Hotter, Drier 


Hottest day 

Hottest day today 

Hottest day tomorrow 

Hottest day next week 


Heat Hot Dry 



Prepare for Fire, Pack bag for Fire 

Prep home for Fire 


Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire! Fire! Fire! 


Flee from Fire, Burning Fire, More Fire, Fire, Raging Fire, More Fire, Fire 


Fighting Fire with water, Fighting Fire with prayers, Fighting Fire in old boots, Fighting Fire in old helmets, Volunteers Fighting Fire, risking lives Fighting Fire, Fighting Fire with prayers. 


Fighting Fire with water, Fighting fire with water, Fighting drought with, Fighting Fire, Fighting drought, Fighting 


‘In summer the bushfires rage and rage and rage on such beautiful days and we fight them with water that runs through the cracks, water we’re desperately trying to save…’ 



Losing homes, losing memories, losing loved ones, losing loved ones, losing wildlife, Losing forest, Losing childhood rainforest, losing, losing,  

Losing knowedge 

First people know / knew / know how to live with fire 

How to manage fire 

Empire can’t handle fire 

Empire consequence fire 

Empire Emp ire Em pyre 


Our planet isn’t dying, it’s being killed (I believe in self-defense) 

These muthafuckas have names and addresses 

These muthafuckas have names and addresses 

These muthafuckas have names and addresses 

These Muthafuckas Have Names And Addresses 

These Muthafuckas Have Names And Addresses 

These Muthafuckas Have Names And Addresses 




Doomer Thoughts

All the New Left brought us was purity tests and woke overlords 


All our tactics are cul-de-sacs, symbolic acts, representations that harken back to a power to attack 


We’ve planted flags of identity on crests of waves we’ve mistaken for hills to die on 


All our “revolutionary” organisations are just bad end-of-the-world support groups 


We kill conspiracy theorists when they’re right and scold them when they’re wrong like it’s not just another cope 


There are things we don’t say because it’s cool to hate cops but also cool to act like them 


There’s that Utah Phillips quote we all know but do nothing about because the people who are killing the planet also own foundations and non-profits that siphon our good will into insurance against revolution 


NGOs tell you they’d make better use of your money than the frivolous poors or insane radicals 

(My social media is at least 25% people in need who know how to spend their money.) 


Social media is to a social life what gum is to food 


Self-serve check-out machines don’t have name tags, but they probably will once they get rid of the people 


Community feels like a half-truth at this point 


All our art can do is acknowledge our complicity 

Page BreakIn Conversation With Competing Ideas of Freedom and How We Move Towards It 


What is Imperialism? 

What is a state? 

Can you fight the former without the latter? 


What are Colonialism, Settler-Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism? 

How deep are their roots in our lives and imaginations? 


Do you trust the news cycle? 

Can you afford to not follow it if you don’t? 

(Are all lies baseless? 

Or is the war of information fought entirely in half-truths?) 


Is a conquering army of humanitarians ever better than a local despot? 

(Are these the only choices?) 

How often is the suffering of others used as propaganda? 

What does care on a global scale look like? 

Page Break 


Damage Control Is Our Utopia 

Apocalypse doesn’t mean the end 

it means a great revealing 

                                   is the mantra of the revolution, 



Taboo and Lore  





And now the Millenarians were right about everything   



                         We’ve lived centuries of doomsdays leading up to now 




                                             how do you think I got here? 


My name is Jamali Bowden (he/him) I am a third-year creative writing student at Latrobe. My practice is largely based in poetry but over the course of my degree I have written in a variety of forms including short story and creative non-fiction. My practice often explores the musicality of words and their structures. I have a fascination with widely held feelings of isolation, climate change and their origins and how they may be alleviated. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic my practice has become much more focused on curation of my existing works and a more rigorous process of editing. Following this festival, I am looking to gain more experience as an editor.  


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