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Boran Deliktas

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A short film exploring the reality of the world around us. We follow an anonymous man who has the power to strip and restore colour from the world at his own will. His outlook on social issues shapes the way he sees life as we know it, and based on these beliefs, will decide whether he rids the world of its natural colour. Although the film is simplistic in its substance, ‘Colourless’ allows audiences to develop their own interpretations and theory’s regarding the message of the piece itself. 

My name is Boran Deliktas. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Screen.  


Ever since the age of 7, I became deeply passionate with the art of filmmaking. I began creating short films through the webcam of an old Windows laptop, with my little brother, and became enthralled in the idea of producing videos that others could enjoy. This passion slowly expanded over the years. My parents had taken notice and bought me my first DSLR camera. This had opened a whole new chapter in my filmmaking journey. I started a YouTube channel and developed many short films for the channel as well as for my media subject at school. I received an overwhelming positive response from friends, family and teachers at school regarding my abilities in the filmmaking area, which inevitably propelled my interest in this hobby, and has been my passion ever since. 


For this year's La tTrobe Arts Festival, I decided to take a different approach regarding the creative process behind my short film. My project entitled “Colourless,” fundamentally explores the reality of the world around us. The idea of colour being used as a strategic tool to tell a story intrigued me greatly before creating the film. The narrative follows an anonymous man who has the power to strip and/or restore colour from the world at his own will. The film contains a message; however, it is up to the audience to determine what the narrative means to them. Although the film delves into the notion of the negative aspects of the modern era, it can also be interpreted as a motivator, in that us as humanity can make change and have the power to restore “colour” into the world.