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Angela Makalovska

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Down the Rabbit Hole is a psychologically warping short film that concerns a lost boy who endures a series of bizarre hallucinations after taking some psychedelic substances. This film is shot entirely on a mobile phone and highlights unusual camera, lighting, and editing techniques that all aid with capturing the chaos within the character’s mind.


My name is Angela Makalovska. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree, majoring in both Screen and Writing.  


In this year’s Arts Festival at La Trobe, I am displaying my psychologically warping short film entitled, “Down the Rabbit Hole”, depicting a lost boy who undergoes a series of perplexing hallucinations. In this project, I experiment with a variety of unusual lighting, camera, and editing techniques in order to successfully reflect the chaos within the character’s mind. This abstract work can of course be open to interpretation, however, the theme of mental health or psychological wellbeing is undoubtedly prominent throughout the film and can easily be associated with the mental struggles people are enduring by virtue of the current COVID-19 outbreak.  


Due to the lockdowns, I haven’t been able to receive the exciting hands-on experience film students should be having, as we have had to relocate our course online. This situation has therefore, been a frustrating one for many of us. Nevertheless, our professors have done brilliant jobs at working around these limitations and delivering the course work to us in effective ways. I am looking forward to continuing my studies here at La Trobe and beginning my Masters of Teaching.